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  • History
  • ITManna, Inc. was founded in 2000 for the purpose of providing clients with the refined expertise and industry connections to help them most efficiently enhance their IT staff. The service model was patterned after principles developed and demonstrated by the founders in the early 1990's. The end result is a heavy emphasis on providing the very best IT professionals along with excellent customer service.

    ITManna was founded by a management team with over 60 years of experience in the financial software, product development, and IT staffing industries. The cofounders also have backgrounds in the complex world of business software design, development, and maintenance and understand the value of truly serving customers, exceeding client expectations, and having meaningful relationships with those with whom we conduct business.

    Meeting our customer’s challenge of economically, effectively, and efficiently acquiring IT staff has been addressed by the formation of a unique, new breed IT RESOURCE CONSULTING COMPANY that truly meets clients’ staffing needs by:

    • Being a full service IT RESOURCE CONSULTANT to our clients.

    • Making available in-house experience, and amalgamating ouside expertise to assist our clients in every desision necessary to efficiently improve their IT staff.

    • Providing immediate access to tens of thousands of currently available IT professionals with cutting-edge skills - by coalescing hundreds of IT staffing firms (“suppliers”), each with their own specific recruiting expertise, into an extensive, nationwide system called the ITManna National Recruiting Network.

    • Providing a quick response with highly qualified candidates for all Web, client-server, database, and mainframe IT needs and guaranteeing that the information about each IT consultant is reliable, accurate, and up to date.

    • Presenting a limited number of fully screened, guaranteed competent candidates that fit the customer’s specific requirements precisely (via the ITManna Skills Matrix).

    • Basing its business practice on many years of high-tech experience delivered with old-fashioned personal service by fully managing the relationship with our clients.
    ITManna is committed to the simple goal of providing excellent people to help make our clients successful and treating our customers as our friends.
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  • Business Profile
  • ITManna is a true full service IT RESOURCE CONSULTING COMPANY and provides a new and unique service model for the IT staffing industry. ITManna works closely with its clients to assure its needs are met:

    • ITManna Listens - What are the IT Business Needs? Because our executive team has been in our customers’ pressured situations themselves, ITManna listens to its customers to determine if the need is Short Term (backfill, fix problems, new projects) or Long Term (permanent or contract staff). Along with the hiring manager ITManna determines what skills are required and desired, and projects realistic price targets for the current marketplace.

    • ITManna Reacts - Once a need is identified, ITManna reacts by finding the right people – not just who might marginally fit the requirements or who just happens to be available. ITManna performs an analysis of client needs and evaluates needs/constraints vs. availability/cost. The actual search for IT staff is based on access to the ITManna National Recruiting Network. The ITManna National Recruiting Network is a loose confederation of 3,000+ companies who offer their database and bench candidates to ITManna clients. ITManna personally interviews and fully screens all potential candidates and quickly presents the best of the qualified candidates.

    • ITManna Delivers - Normally within 48 – 72 hours ITManna makes a client presentation which includes specially formatted resume information as well as the ITManna Skills Matrix - an easily understood comparison / analysis of screened candidates with technical and communication skills, ranking, and costs. The ITManna Skills Matrix presents the results of the ITManna interview with each candidate, and depicts information candidly and honestly – strengths and weaknesses are listed. The ITManna Skills Matrix includes only qualified, selected candidates – not a dump of resumes. Frequently, the hiring manager can make the decision of which candidate(s) to interview directly from the information contained in the ITManna Skills Matrix. ITManna offers maximum hiring flexibility – permanent, temporary (contract), and temp-to-perm options.
    ITManna responds to our clients’ requirements with only prescreened, qualified, and guaranteed candidates for your review. ITManna does not drop resumes on the desk and leave the screening process to the hiring manager. The ITManna approach is to help the hiring manager as much as possible in the process of locating and screening potential candidates. Clients can be assured that any individual presented by ITManna exceeds client technical skill requirements.

    In addition to specially formatted resume information, ITManna presents the data about proposed candidates in a more useful manner. The ITManna Skills Matrix is an easily understood, helpful, and formatted comparison / analysis of screened candidates. Included about each candidate is such information as:

    • Overall experience in IT related areas

    • Communication skill information and relative ranking on scale from 1 –10 if a foreign national candidate.

    • Specific client requested skills and relative ranking on scale from 1 –10.

    • Appropriate comments about strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

    • Current location and availability information, if appropriate.

    • Proposed salary or rate for each candidate.
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  • Management Team
  • Wayne Lozier, CEO
      Wayne received a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering degree in 1970 from the University of Cincinnati. After a progressive engineering and management career at General Electric’s Aircraft Engine Business Unit, Wayne joined Rolls-Royce Ltd as Vice President and Director of New Business Development to open their first engineering operation in the United States. In 1987, Wayne founded MYCOR Technologies, an organization dedicated to developing advanced technologies for the Armed Forces, including unmanned aerial vehicles, digital flight control systems and advanced radar mapping systems. In 1996, Wayne joined with former Rolls-Royce associates to establish SourceTec International, importing IT professionals from a number of countries around the world. As Vice President of Marketing, he established relations with hundreds of other suppliers of IT professionals and with many major clients who utilize the services of those consultants.
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