ITManna National Recruiting Network
The ITManna National Recruiting Network is a revolutionary new source of highly trained, very experienced, IT professionals that are available immediately for short and long term consulting projects and permanent positions.

As an IT RESOURCE CONSULTING COMPANY, when a client identifies a need, ITManna draws upon targeted recruiters with demonstrated expertise in the specific requirements of the position. This expertise may be skills based, geography based, etc. We determine which recruiters to employ and the number of recruiters to work simultaneously based on our evaluation of the position details and expected difficulty of finding the ideal candidate.

The ITManna National Recruiting Network consists of two primary sub-networks:
The first is a confederation of hundreds of independent and small company recruiters based across the entire USA. This composite network has access to hundreds of private databases and to ALL of the many Internet-based job and resume posting sites. The second sub-network consists of several thousand small to intermediate sized companies that sponsor H1-B foreign national professionals. At any time, they have 10,000 – 20,000 candidates on the “bench” available for immediate placement into permanent or consulting positions anywhere in the USA.
ITManna has established a very efficient process to access the huge universe of potential candidates via this ITManna National Recruiting Network. After developing a solid understanding of your requirements, ITManna selects the optimum subset of the full ITManna National Recruiting Network to work on your requirement. This may be as few as 4 recruiters or as many as 10,000+. The selected recruiters then scour their resources to identify their best candidates to submit to ITManna. This first level of screening/filtering narrows the hundreds of thousands of available professionals to 30 - 60 solid candidates.
ITManna then filters the 30 - 60 candidates down to the best 2 or 3 fits for your position via interviews, reference checks, and frequently personality and/or skills testing. If you describe your requirements well, you can rest assured of receiving 2 or 3 highly qualified candidates without having to waste time doing a massive search or screening through hundreds of marginally qualified candidates.
The chart below illustrates the filtering process that ultimately selects the best candidate for the client from the millions of IT professionals available.
Through its sheer size, the ITManna National Recruiting Network can access a high percentage of the IT candidates that can be made available for a client position. Each Vendor Partner submits their best candidates to ITManna. ITManna is responsible for screening of the candidates and final Quality Assurance. Through personal interviews with each candidate, ITManna selects the best-qualified 2 or 3 candidates and submits them to the client via our ITManna Skills Matrix described later. The client then can make the final selection, knowing that he is reviewing the BEST CANDIDATES AVAILABLE.

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