Experienced, Personal Service
”Service Assurance” is the term ITManna has coined to describe our emphasis on serving and satisfying our customers. If you have any problem when you partner with ITManna, you will deal directly with people you know personally – people with sufficient knowledge and authority to handle most problems and questions immediately and on the spot! Treating our customers with superior service and as our friends is not simply a slogan at ITManna, it is a way of life.

We believe that this personal and unsurpassed level of servicing our customers distinguishes us as the premier IT RESOURCE CONSULTING FIRM in the marketplace. ITManna has been founded by a management team with over 60 years of experience in the financial software, product development, and IT staffing industries. The cofounders also have backgrounds in the complex world of business software design, development, and maintenance and understand the value of truly serving customers, exceeding client expectations, and having meaningful relationships with those with whom we conduct business.

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