Quick, Thorough Response
Our ITManna National Recruiting Network enables us to respond rapidly. However, we don't normally offer excessively short turnaround times because of the extensive amount of work that we put into each search. Instead of throwing any resume with the appropriate buzzwords at a client, we thoroughly screen through a large number of candidates to produce a very short list of fully qualified candidates to present to the client. By doing this work prior to submitting candidates, the total elapsed time from requirement definition to employee hire is greatly reduced!

Resumes of candidates are usually collected from all around the United States in about one day. ITManna then thoroughly screens the resumes and interviews the candidates to select the most qualified individuals for the position. This process is always given top priority, allowing us to present quality candidates to our clients within 1 to 3 days in most cases. After you select the candidate to hire, the candidate is relocated to your project site, usually within 72 hours! In addition to US citizens, many ITManna National Recruiting Network candidates have immigrated to the United States from all around the world. Historically, most have come from India, which has a huge English speaking population of well-educated technical professionals. Recently, however, additional attention is being placed on Europe and countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Singapore, etc. The ITManna screening process places significant emphasis on social and communication skills, assuring smooth integration into the new project team. This diversity of origins contributes to the wide scope of available technical skills and specific business application experience. Nearly all technologies are represented in the ITManna National Recruiting Network, from mainframe technologies to client-server to the latest web applications. The following skills are heavily represented in the Network, but nearly any IT skill can be located
  • Object Oriented Developers
    • C++, Java, Visual Basic
    • Latest middleware, design tools and SQL
  • Web Application and E-Commerce
    • JavaScript, EJB
    • HTML, XML, XSL
    • GUI, ASP, ActiveX
    • Latest web tools and techniques
  • Database Developers and Administrators
    • Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, MS Access
    • Sybase, Progress, DB2
  • System Administrators and Network Engineers
    • Unix (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, etc.)
    • Microsoft (NT, Windows)
    • IBM (AIX, MVS, AS/400)
  • Mainframe and Legacy Systems
    • COBOL, Fortran, Assembler
    • CICS, IMS, VSAM, DB2

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