ITManna is Full Service!
Understanding your IT Business Needs - ITManna listens
  • Short Term New projects, backfill, fix problems.
  • Long Term Permanent or contract staff, conversion of consultants, planned projects, staffing flexibility
  • Required skills must have, nice to have
  • Realistic price targets
  • Thorough evaluation of your needs and constraints our executive team has been there!
Finding the right people - ITManna reacts
  • Analysis: Needs/Constraints vs. Availability/Cost
  • ITManna National Recruiting Network We will find quality candidates for nearly EVERY SKILL SET!
  • Domestic recruitment via networking and large private and public databases
  • A very efficient multi-layer filtering process to identify the best candidates, plus 100% personal interviews resulting in a limited number of fully screened potential candidates
  • Quick response
Solving the people problem - ITManna delivers
  • Candidate presentation to the client includes conventional resume information PLUS the ITManna Skills Matrix an easily understood comparison / analysis of screened candidates with technical and communication skills ranking
  • Presentation normally within 1-3 days
  • Choice of a few qualified, selected candidates not dump of resumes
  • Honest analysis of strengths and weaknesses of each candidate
  • Maximum flexibility: permanent / temporary / temp-to-permanent options

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