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ITManna, What is it?
It is....
  • A full service IT RESOURCE CONSULTING TEAM. We maintain a vast array of consulting assets and expertise to help you determine the optimum methods for meeting your resourcing needs. When a need is identified, we select the appropriate recruiters to do the initial searching and filtering - then we do the final screening for you, so that you can focus on your core business. We become your single Point-of-Contact for marshalling the contribution of dozens of recruiters to fill your positions.
It is....
  • Our ITManna National Recruiting Network which allows immediate access to hundreds of thousands of currently available IT professionals with cutting-edge skills. We have a multi-layer filtering process to efficiently identify the optimum employees and consultants from the huge universe of potential candidates.
It is....
It is....
It is....
ITManna, what is it? Exactly.
ITManna is committed to the simple goal of providing EXACTLY the right IT people you need to help make you and your company successful.
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